Get Out Of Your Way And Dream

Thank you Rachelle Freegard for a fabulous night creating vision boards!

Once again, you have helped me to get “unstuck” and I am committing to letting go of two of the biggest time-suckers in my life, perfectionism and procrastination, in hopes to free up the time I need to focus on my dreams and playtime. Thanks to Linda Rutledge for opening up her lovely home to fill with all these amazing women! I loved connecting with women I hadn’t met before and hopefully they will all become a part of Chicks Connect. I enjoyed seeing all of your creativity with magazine cutouts coming to life on a board as beautiful goals, visions and dreams!Image

Sarah Wheeler


A Positive Space

 Bird of Paradise_Practice2

Every once in a while I’ll get an uplifting thought from out of the blue and these moments are becoming more abundant in the midst of struggle.

I believe it’s my new defense mechanism to keep from slipping into a depression. I’ve been there, done that and just so grateful that I don’t have to suffer from it any longer. I now have other choices. I used to live for wallowing in my pain and sorrow and that is no longer okay for me today. Now when I am struck by moments of grief, I recognize that it’s okay to feel sad, but that I don’t have to let it last for too long. I can still get out of bed, go to work and have a productive day. I know now that God wants to carry the burden for me, so I’m practicing letting go. I have Julie Muller, Founder of Chicks Connect, to thank for reminding me of this simple concept. Now days, as soon as I feel angry, fearful, sad, lonely, or any one of the many negative emotions out there, I can just say to myself , “STOP IT!” I learned this technique from another one of our amazing Chicks, Ali Davidson upon attending her fantastically fun Lifelong Playground seminar.
Many know that old saying, “look on the bright side”…well, I could never really bring myself to do that in the past. Today, it’s an easy choice to make and a true lifesaver. If I don’t look for the good, or at least one thing to be thankful for in every uncomfortable situation, the bad can very easily overwhelm me. I’m refusing to let darkness win.

Last night around 9pm, I was a little out of sorts, understandably, when I found out my friend Sharon may not make it through the night and was told that it was too late to pay her a visit. All I wanted was a chance to say good-bye. But after reaching out to a couple friends about it, I felt a lot better and was able to get some sleep. Today, Sharon is still alive and I had the chance to visit with her while she was sleeping, which was a real blessing. Although she never opened her eyes, I sensed that she could hear me speaking to her and praying for her.

Even though I have only known Sharon for a brief moment of time in her very short 53 years, she has impacted my life in a huge way. She is such a strong, confident woman who has never been afraid to speak her own mind and non-apologetic for any of her views that may have clashed with the opinions of others. She is very intelligent and has a good heart. She was a very good nurse for over 30 years and helped a lot of people back to health. I admire all of these qualities in Sharon. I have learned a lot from her and even more about myself in the process of getting to know her. She may be on her way out and that’s a hard thing to watch, but I am a better person for having known her. I am so fortunate that we met.

Upon leaving Sharon’s room tonight, I felt a great wave of peace wash over me and remembered what Ali taught me to believe…all is well.

Sarah Wheeler


Destination Procrastination


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Today was another awesome day with the Early Bird Chicks. I love that I learn something new about myself every time we meet. Thanks to Rachelle Freegard and her Mind-Mapping demo today,

I was able to pinpoint just one of the many areas I find myself getting “stuck”, with TIME being the common denominator as well as having unrealistic expectations of myself in every situation.

I have discovered one of my main issues seems to be a form of self-sabotage, otherwise known as procrastination. I do find some comfort in knowing I am not the only one who struggles with this. The good news is there is a solution and part of it is simply coming out of the denial.

I know now that I can have all the goals in the world and I can even have them prioritized on my calendar, with an alarm set to go off on my Android to tell me when I’m supposed to do this “very important thing”. Next thing I know, I’m hitting the “snooze” button on that task because for some reason, the next episode of Project Runway is the new priority.

So what I have decided to do in this type of situation, is turn that switch in the brain that says, Sarah is now feeling guilty, stressed, tired, out-of-shape and bummed because she didn’t achieve those rock-solid Linda Hamilton abs by Summer and instead wasted all her time watching marathons of The Biggest Loser….


Sarah is going to reward herself with 1 hour of relaxing me-time (this does include TV) then go to bed if she can pump out 20 crunches first. Then she’ll probably end up doing 50 crunches, because once she starts she can’t stop ’cause it feels so awesome! After that, she’s going to already be so relaxed that she may fall asleep before getting too involved with television programming anyway and then wake up earlier in the morning feeling so refreshed because of all that exercise and excess sleep that she will have the time, the energy (and maybe a couple strong abs) to be able to go about setting and achieving the next goal.

Side note: Unless one is starring in the next Terminator movie, there is no real need for a washboard stomach.

I’m sorry for all the run-on sentences in this blog post.

Not really, haha! 🙂

Sarah Wheeler

One Grateful Chick


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Today I was inspired by another fellow Chick, DEBBIE KHO, who wrote a brilliant testimony about our Chicks Connect group, “The Early Bird Chicks”. So, as a woman with a new-found passion for writing, I naturally just had to say something of my own….

When I first came to Chicks as a visitor because my best friend of 38 years, Denise Wetherell, begged me for the thousandth time to at least check it out, I finally gave in and thought to myself, “Oh well ok, what do I have to lose?” I went into the meeting mainly because of her. I was out of excuses for her. It’s one of those things where I just had to surrender, because nothing else was working in my life. I was broken spiritually, depressed (and I wanted you to know it), had no job, had used up all of my savings just living, had no direction or goals for a future. My immediate family didn’t live close by and I had no real friends, (other than Denise of course, who is family) and I was very skeptical about coming to a meeting where I just knew there would be a bunch of amazing, successful women sitting around talking about how great their businesses were and supporting one another in those businesses. Over the last 20 years, I have had many ideas for what I wanted to do if I ever started a business of my own, yet, I kept telling myself, “You’re not a business woman.”

I have learned many things since that faithful day of walking into my Chicks Connect meeting. This is not solely a “bunch of amazing women sitting around talking about how great their businesses are and supporting one another in those businesses.” Yes, these women are in fact amazing, just as I had suspected, true story. However, what I didn’t know at the time, was that these people weren’t all women business owners just there to network, to try and sell me something and then move on. Not everyone in the room even owned a business. Some women were stay-at-home-mommies (the hardest job in the world I’ve been told and don’t doubt), some were corporate career women (which is what I had been previously). Many women were in some form of transition in their lives and others had full time jobs/careers and sold products on the side for fun and to earn extra income.

No, these women were not here to try and pressure me to purchase a widget I knew I would never use then walk out the door and never see me again. They were here to sell me a dream. That dream was that one day I would have the self confidence to be able to say, “I CAN be a business owner if I WANT to be one. I CAN do whatever it is I want to do. I can BE whoever it is I want to be. I AM a beautiful, intelligent, successful, kind, generous, thoughtful and passionate woman with an infinite amount of options and opportunities available to me if I only reach out and pick one.” It was suggested by one of the ladies in my Chick Chapter, “The only thing you need to try now is to make a CHOICE for what you want to do, even if it’s wrong. You can always change later.”

Well, today I’ve made that choice. I will no longer live in fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of not being strong/pretty/smart/talented enough, fear of financial insecurity, fear of loneliness and ultimately, the fear of death.
I struggle to think of what my life would be like today if I hadn’t taken that bold leap of faith of coming to my first Chicks meeting. I thank God that I did and thank my BFF, Denise for the gentle “push”. When I purchased my membership, not knowing how I was going to pay for it, I didn’t realize at the time that what I was actually purchasing, was my life.

Today I am living my passion as an Apparel Designer due to finally making that choice to start my business, “Wheeler Works”.
Today, I also have a full-time job that I love. Although that particular job doesn’t pay all the bills, I know that I can keep striving for one that will eventually. I’ve learned that it’s time to stop living in fear of not finding the perfect job and go out and FIND that perfect job! I am once again, making it a career to find the perfect career again. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not ALL about the money, (although I do enjoy getting paid to be a member of Chicks and bringing in more Chicks, tee hee). I don’t need very many “things”. I’ve had an abundance of “things” in the past that I thought I loved. The problem was, they didn’t love me back. I am happy as long as I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, I’m pursuing my dreams and have true, everlasting, wonderful relationships with many amazing women (myself included) who I can call my family.

Today, I’m surrounded by countless loving members of Chicks Connect who all support me in the decisions I make in my life, no matter what. They help guide me towards making wise decisions and hold me up when the decisions I do make don’t produce the outcome I initially desired. I’ve learned that I care about other women and want to try and help them with whatever they are going through as much as they’ve helped me.

Today, my spirituality has kicked into high gear, I have learned to love myself and now strive to remain the proud woman I knew I always was but just kept hidden.
I am forever grateful to you all, my new family, dearest sweet “Chickadees”!

Sarah Wheeler